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AP World History Units


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Assessing Website Reliability  


Foundations Unit (c. 8000 BCE - c. 600 CE)
Unit Handouts
Reading Guides
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Agricultural Revolution Video

Unit Readings
  World Religions
Foundations Documents Unit Handouts  
Hammurabi's Code Chronology Card Instructions  
Epic of Gilgamesh Religions Chart - Part I - Part II  
Hymn to the Nile    
Additional Ancient Civilization Documents Classical Empires Infographic  
Sima Qian on Qin Shi Huangdi Chicago Style Bibliography Guide  
  Sample Bibliography  
  Plagiarism Contract  
  Infographic Comparison Chart  
  Infographic Change & Continuity Chart  


Post-Classical Unit (600-1450 CE)
Unit Handouts
Reading Guides
Great Links
Indian Ocean History - click on maps!
The Mongols
European Feudalism from HowStuffWorks
The Silk Roads
The Silk Roads Map  
Religion and Gender  
Epic of Sundiata  
Japanese & European Feudalism  
Comparing Feudalism from Stearns  
Unit Assignments Midterm Assignments  
Southernization Mental Map Post-Classical Chronology  
Muslim Cities DBQ First Semester Taboo Cards  
Way of Samurai DBQ    


Experience what you learned about this unit. See Notre Dame, the Tower of London, The Louvre, etc. Spend Spring Break 2015 on a tour of Paris and London. Click here for more information.

Notre Dame Tower of London The Louvre Mona Lisa
*This trip is for Hebron High School 2013-2014 AP World History students ONLY


Early Modern Unit (1450 - 1750 CE)
Unit Handouts
Guided Readings
Great Links
Indian Ocean History - click on maps!
  Voyages: Trans-Atlantic Slave Database
1450-1750 Annotated Course Description    
Additional Sources
Rich as Potosi    
Sweet Industry    


Industrialization & Western Global Hegemony (1750-1914 CE)
Unit Handouts
Guided Readings
Great Links
Global Story of the American Revolution
The French Revolution
  Napoleon (w/Battlefield Simulator)
Haitian Revolution Crash Course
    U.S. Role in Haitian Revolution
Latin American Independence Crash Course
Modern Era Chronology Cards (MS Word)  
19th Century Migration Assignment  
19th Century Migration Chart Maji Maji Rebellion in the Congo
World Outline Map  
2003 DBQ (will help with migration map & chart)    
Additional Sources Project Information  
Declaration of Independence Revolutions Project Assignment  
Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen Revolutions Newspaper Rubric  
Simon Bolivar's Jamaica Letter How to Write an Editorial  
Haitian Revolution Handout    
Frederick Engels on Industrial Manchester    


The Twentieth Century (1914 - Present)
Unit Handouts
Guided Readings
Great Links
Additional Readings
Treaty of Versailles  
The Economic Consequences of the Peace  
Second Pan-African Congress Manifesto  
Rape of Nanking Reading  
The Cold War (revised)
20th Century Annotated Map  
Blank World Outline Map    
Green Revolution DBQ    
20th Century Chronology Cards (MS Word)    
Modern Economy Chart    
DBQ Rewrite Prompt    


AP Review Sessions
  AP World History Review Schedule  
Student Review Projects
Review Session PowerPoints
Review Websites
(May have some inaccuracies; use at own risk)
Review Games - 20+ games under sophomore
Unit 1
Big Geography & Peopling of the Earth
Student's Friend - Overview of Essential Info
Neolithic Revolution & Early Agriculture
Unit 2
Development of Religious & Cultural Traditions
Content Specific Websites
Review Videos
Bridging World History - click VOD to watch
Indian Ocean History - click on maps!
Unit 3
A Short History of Islam
European Feudalism from HowStuffWorks
Continuity & Innovation in State Forms
Increased Productive Capacity
Miscellaneous Links
Unit 4
Voyages: Trans-Atlantic Slavery Database
Regional History Websites
Unit 5
Global Migration
Unit 6
20th Century Revolutions
Global Economy, Society, & Culture
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