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AP World History Units


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Notetaking & Study Skills
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An Explanation of Learning Styles
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Foundations Unit (c. 8000 BCE - c. 600 CE)
Unit Handouts
Chapter Readings & Reading Guides
Unit Resources
Foundations Unit Calendar - Fall 2015
Level 1 Resources
Foundations Unit Calendar - Spring 2016
Crash Course WH #1: Agricultural Revolution
  Crash Course BH #7: Migration & Intensification
Big History Project - Threshold 7
Unit Assignments
Primary Source Documents
Level 2 Resources
Types of Societies Chart Hammurabi's Code Farmer Power from G,G,S
Unit 1 CCOT Chart
Epic of Gilgamesh The Plow and Now
Civilization Scavenger Hunt
Hymn to the Nile Worst Mistake in Human History
  Additional Ancient Civilization Documents  
  Excerpts from the Dao De Jing  
  The Teachings of the Buddha  
  Sima Qian on Qin Shi Huangdi  
  Deeds of the Divine Augustus  
  Pericles Funeral Oration  
Unit 1 Videos
Generic Unit Resources
Crash Course WH #1: Agricultural Revolution
Crash Course BH #7: Migration & Intensification History of the World in 7 Minutes
Crash Course WH #201: Rethinking Civilization World Religions David Christian's History of the World TED Talk
Crash Course WH #2: Indus Valley What is a Civilization, Anyway?
Crash Course WH #3: Mesopotamia History of Religion Animated Map
Crash Course WH #4: Egypt
It's History: Chinese Bronze Age    


Post-Classical Unit (600-1450 CE)
Unit Handouts
Reading Guides
Unit Resources
The Silk Roads
Unit Calendar - Spring 2016
A Short History of the Silk Roads
  Silk Roads Crash Course
Silk Roads or Steppe Roads?
The Mongols  
    Indian Ocean Trade
Unit Readings
Introduction to the Indian Ocean World
The Silk Roads Indian Ocean Crash Course
The Silk Roads Map Southernization
Religion and Gender Trans-Saharan Trade
Arab Women Mansa Musa & Islam in Africa Crash Course
Epic of Sundiata
Magna Carta
The Mongols
Bad Weather Assignments Unit Assignments General Resources
Bad Weather Assignments Annotated Map Assignment
Japanese & European Feudalism Eurasia Map
Indian Ocean History - click on maps!
Comparing Feudalism from Stearns Muslim & Christian DBQ - Sample Thesis The Indian Ocean & Global Trade
Way of Samurai DBQ Spread of Buddhism DBQ Islam in South Asia from Columbia University
The Aztecs Video Samurai DBQ
European Feudalism from HowStuffWorks
The Lost Inca Empire Mongols Documents
    Mongols in World History


Early Modern Unit (1450 - 1750 CE)
Unit Handouts
Guided Readings
Additional Unit Resources
Worlds of the 15th Century
Indian Ocean History - click on maps!
Unit Calendar - Spring 2016
History vs. Christopher Columbus from TED-Ed
  Rise of the Portuguese Empire
1450-1750 Annotated Course Description   Voyages: Trans-Atlantic Slave Database
Power Points
The Atlantic Slave Trade from TED-Ed
Additional Readings
Coffee Houses: The First Social Network
Maritime Empires American Silver, Ottoman Decline
India in the World; the World in India
  Ching Shih: From Prostitute to Pirate Lord
Unit Assignments Buddhism DBQ Sample  
DBQ Pre-Columbian Americas    
DBQ Views of Foreigners    
Silver, Sugar, or Spices? World Trade Map  
Silver Secondary Documents Sugar Documents Spice Documents
Rich as Potosi Bittersweet Isles Edible History - use all parts - Part I, II, III
Early Global Commodities (click VoD on left) Sweet Industry Nathaniel's Nutmeg Space Race
CC #25: The Spanish Empire & Silver CC #24: The Atlantic Slave Trade Hunger for Spices
The Silver Trade - Part I & II Engenho System Chile Peppers in World Trade
Economies of Exploitation   No Innocent Spice: Nutmeg
Silver, Silk, and Manila A Taste of Paradise: Cinnamon
Trans-Pacific Trade Network   History of Cloves
Silver Primary Sources Sugar Primary Sources Spices Primary Sources
Global Commodities - primary sources pg. 2 Sugar Harvesting & Processing Spices & Vasco da Gama
  Sugar in the Atlantic World - use links on left
  Voltaire on Sugar  
  Sugar, Sugar, and MORE Sugar  


Industrialization & Western Global Hegemony (1750-1914 CE)
Unit Handouts
Guided Readings
Great Links
Global Story of the American Revolution
Unit Calendar - Spring 2016
The French Revolution
  Napoleon (w/Battlefield Simulator)
Haitian Revolution Crash Course
    U.S. Role in Haitian Revolution
Power Points
Latin American Independence Crash Course
2010 DBQ - Global Industrialization  
2003 DBQ - Indentured Servitude  
2009 DBQ - African Responses Latin American Independence  
  Maji Maji Rebellion in the Congo
Additional Readings Project Resources  
Declaration of Independence Global Industrialization Project  
Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen Six Factors for Global Integration  
Simon Bolivar's Jamaica Letter Global Industrialization Video  
Haitian Revolution Information    
Frederick Engels on Industrial Manchester    
ABC's for Baby Patriots    


The Twentieth Century (1914 - Present)
Unit Handouts
Guided Readings
Great Links
Prelude to WWI - Part I
1914-Present Unit Calendar - Spring 2015
Prelude to WWI - Part II
  Prelude to WWI - Part III
  Trench Warfare

Additional Readings
Power Points
Treaty of Versailles  
The Economic Consequences of the Peace Japan & Road to World War II
Second Pan-African Congress Manifesto Asian Revolutions (Great Timelines)
Rape of Nanking Reading History of Israel & Palestine
20th Century Science Reading (for Mind Map) Iranian Revolution
The Cold War (revised)
Practice DBQs for 20th Century  
Cricket & Imperialism DBQ  
Olympics DBQ    
Green Revolution DBQ    
Unit Assignments    
Taboo Cards    
Chronology Cards    


AP Review Sessions
  AP World History Review Schedule  
Student Review Projects
Review Session Power Points
Review Websites
(May have some inaccuracies; use at own risk)
Review Games - 20+ games under sophomore
Unit 1
Big Geography & Peopling of the Earth
Student's Friend - Overview of Essential Info
  Test-Taking Tips  
Unit 2
Development of Religious & Cultural Traditions
Content Specific Websites
Review Videos
Bridging World History - click VOD to watch
Indian Ocean History - click on maps!
Unit 3
A Short History of Islam
European Feudalism from HowStuffWorks
History of the World in Two Hours
Continuity & Innovation in State Forms
Increased Productive Capacity
Miscellaneous Links
Unit 4
Voyages: Trans-Atlantic Slavery Database
Regional History Websites
Unit 5
Asia for Educators & Students  
Global Migration
Unit 6
20th Century Revolutions
Global Economy, Society, & Culture
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